About Island Health & Wellness Center

Our Mission

The mission of Island Health and Wellness Center is to provide quality, compassionate, and affordable healthcare to adults, children and families of all ages on St. John in need of primary, preventive and educational medical services.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a model primary care office, in which patients receive quality care that is individualized for their personal healthcare needs. Each patient will be treated respectfully and given the time and opportunity to ask questions and fully understand the treatment plans and goals they are trying to attain. Patients will be educated about routine screenings and preventive health services. This will allow patients to be involved in clinical decision about their health care and encourage them to take responsibility for health life choices through medical care, education and community programs.

Program Description

Island Health & Wellness Center is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization and aims to serve uninsured and under-insured adults and children on St. John.  We do not accept health insurance and all visits are a flat rate of $50.00, regardless of income, issue, treatment, length of appointment or insurance status.  No patient will be turned away or refused services due to inability to pay.  Health care providers include a full time Family Nurse Practitioner and a part time Physician.

With this vision and structure, Island Health & Wellness Center can:

  • Be a model primary care office, providing quality, individualized care that is based on treating patients with respect and compassion;
  • Take a patient-centered approach to clinic operations, including longer visits with providers, variable clinic hours to accommodate a variety of patient schedules, access to educational resources, updated equipment, and an electronic medical record system;
  • Provide medical services geared towards the needs of the community including preventive medicine, physical examinations and immunizations, diagnosis, treatment of acute illness and of chronic disease, pediatric care, women’s health, birth control and family planning, and STD testing and treatment;
  • Provide health education and counseling, including nutrition and exercise education, disease prevention and maintenance classes and wellness activities.
  • Partner with local community organizations and US based organizations as well as rotating specialty providers that are not currently available on St. John;
  • Measure our success through patient satisfaction surveys regarding the quality of care provided as well as measures of affordability and accessibility.  This allows us to tailor care towards the satisfaction and needs of the community.